2008 VMA VIP Guest List: Lauren Conrad, Tila Tequila, Ryan Sheckler, Shwayze, 'Real World: Hollywood' & More MTV Stars To Attend!

The MTV mail room runneth overunneth with celebrity RSVPs for 2008 VMAs. First up, here's a quick look at your favorite MTV stars who've confirmed.

The Hills Cast: With all that feuding, we can't say for 100% suresies which Hills cast members will show, so here's our dream scenario: Lauren rocks the carpet in a dress of her own design, flanked by roomies/rivals Lo and Audrina and Heidi too. Meanwhile, Speidi shows up in full '80s gear (a la Heidi's new "Overdosin'" vid) and Brody Jenner swings by flaunting his date/domestic life partner, Frankie Delgado.

Tila Tequila: This two-time Shot at Love alum has over 1 million virtual pals, plus a bevvy of flesh-and-blood admirers who will do just about anything -- chug hot dog milkshakes, get inked and dry-hump condom balloons -- for her attention. With luck, she'll stroll down the red carpet with her new girlfriend -- rumored Lindsay Lohan castoff, Courtenay Semel.

Fonzworth Bentley: He's gone from Diddy's official umbrella-holder to the reigning master of etiquette, all in the span of a single show. And in addition to oozing elegance, the From G's to Gents show always dresses for the occasion. Should be interesting to see whether he makes the VMA's Best-Dressed list this year.

Ryan Sheckler: Remember that skater boy Avril Lavigne wrote that eponymous song about? Well, if he looked anything like the Life of Ryan star, we're betting no girl in the world would have let him slip through her fingers. Ryan, if you still need a last-minute date, we're available! Kidding! (Not really...)

Vanessa & Angela Simmons: No offense to the Rev, but we've always found this sassy sister act to be the best part of Run's House. Let's hope these Pastry sneaker queens bring their running commentary to the awards show...but leave their running shoes at home. Meanwhile, wonder if there will be any weirdness if Angela "runs" into her ex, Bow Wow?

Rob Dyrdek: Rob without Big is like peanut butter without the jelly or Paris Hilton without a $5,000 handbag. In other words, awesome, but not living up to its full amazingness. We love you, Rob, but here's to hoping the big guy finds his way to L.A. for the big event.

Shwayze and Cisco: Oh, Buzzin' boys, have we told you lately that we love you? (You like Corona and lime? OMG! WE! DO! TOO!) And, like guitar hero Dave Navarro before us, congrats to you for spending $1000 in one night just to impress some chick at the Roosevelt Hotel. Hey, if that's not dedication, we don't know what is.

Laurie Ann Gibson: Hey, remember Laurie Ann? She's the loudmouthed choreographer who got hired, then fired, then re-hired by Diddy on Making the Band! And she's back again this season, to try and whip Day 26 into shape. Which means, spending all day, every day, getting up close and personal with the hunky/talented R&B boys. We're thinking this is one job she's gonna wanna hang onto.

Tara Conner: We here at Buzzworthy are firm believers in second chances. Which was why we loved seeing the controversial Miss USA winner living it up with Miss Teen USA and Miss Universe on Pageant Place. Because if Mean Girls has taught us anything, it's that pretty girls always get along with other pretty girls. Wait a sec, those girls hated each other by the end. And one of them got hit by a bus! Tara, get out of there IMMEDIATELY!

Real World: Hollywood Cast: We haven't heard much from the RW: Hollywood-ers since the official cast reunion earlier this summer. So we're thrilled that Nick, Brittini, Will, and Joey will be on hand next weekend. (Greg, surprisingly, will not). Nick, Will, we'll always remember our time together at Ruby Foo's. If you're ever back in NYC, call us up -- we'll ring Applebee's and snag a reservation.