VMA Veteran: Five Years of Madonna Performances

After Madonna de-virginized the 1984 VMAs, but before she sucked face with Britney (and Christina) at the 2003 VMAs, she interpreted "Express Yourself" quite literally at the VMAs in 1989, in a live performance that featured Hammer pants, the Running Man, the Cabbage Patch, and plenty of blatant crotch- and boob-grabbing. Excellent!

At the 1990 VMAs, Madonna staged her most extravagant VMA performance of all -- if not the most extravagant VMA performances of all time -- when she powdered up and laced herself into full-on Marie Antoinette gear, regaling the masses with both a dramatic 18th-century reinterpretation of "Vogue" as well as her dramatically becorseted breasts. Smashing!

Watch "Vogue" and "Express Yourself" below, and check out more Madonna VMA performances here.

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