VMA Flashback Friday: Lil' Kim Celebrates The Less-Is-Less Look At, Like, Every VMAs Ever

Sweet sassy molassey and Tina Turner on a tuffet! If Lil' Kim's consecutive VMA fashion disasters aren't evidence of an angry God, then I just don't know what.

In addition to the patently peekaboo issues inherent in the orange superhero-of-bondage outfit she wore to the 2000 VMAs, Kimmie was also rocking a righteous cameltoe. For real, this outfit's so distressing that you barely notice her Halloween hair. Forget perjury -- this get-up was criminally negligent. Speaking of "please raise your right hand," perhaps hers was up because she waving goodbye to her dignity.

Anyway, after the orange incident (isn't that also a jam band?) of 2000, Lil' Kim defied her namesake at the 2004 VMAs, squeezing into a several-sizes-too-small "dress," which appeared to be missing half its bodice. The fabric itself -- like some kind of zebra/ tiger (zyger?) hybrid -- was fairly intriguing. But the real problem here? Oops? Yep. Gurl, we can definitely see what may or may not be your chocha. And no one asked for that.

But while Lil' Kim (pre Marc Jacobs intervention) may be a repeat fashion offender, there are lots more VMA red carpet rejects where she came from. And you can see them all -- and the celebrities who actually hired stylists -- on your tele this Sunday, August 24 at 1:30pm ET on Step & Repeat: The Best and Worst of VMA Red Carpet Fashion. Fashion experts Lauren Conrad, Tim Gunn and more style pros will weigh in on the lowest and highest points in VMA fashion history and the stars responsible for gracing -- and disgracing -- the red carpet. You'll be shocked to discover that Lil' Kim herself makes an appearance!! (I know, right!? Crazy!)

UPDATE: Watch the show after the jump!


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