New Video: Jessie Baylin, 'Was I On Your Mind'

Either the room is spinning, or else we're still reeling from watching "Was I On Your Mind," the debut video by Jessie Baylin, who hails from the Dirty Jerz, looks up to Barbra Streisand and sounds like a rootsier version of Duffy.

The schizophrenic -- but not unenjoyable -- video oscillates between two Jessies: a sun-soaked bookworm and a black-and-white sexpot who enjoys writhing in the sheets, a la Madonna's pre-Alex Rodriguez "Erotica" phase.

And as we flash back and forth between greyscale and Technicolor, the only constants appear to be an inordinate number of books, excessive eye makeup and the superfluous close-ups of her mouth. (Seriously, girl, we're not your dentist).

That said, the song is benignly soothing, in a Dido-meets-Natalie Imbruglia sort of way, and we're slightly envious of Baylin for perfecting the art of the windblown shag.

Check it out and see which version of Jessie Baylin appeals to you. We're kinda siding with the absentee ex-boyfriend on this one. But only cause we seriously cannot deal with gratuitous hipster hats.