VMA Trashbag Tuesday: Rose McGowan at the 1998 VMAs -- Gurl! We Can See Your Naughty Bits

Today's VMA-of-the-day post is about people who unfortunately showed up at past VMAs dressed like human trashbags, either literally or metaphorically, in the you-left-your-dignity-in-the-Dumpster sense.

And no Trashbag Tuesday post would be complete without Rose McGowan! Oh, Rose! You were so great in Jawbreaker, and your M4 leg in Grindhouse was scarifying and cool! But you know what was scaryifying and NOT cool? Seeing every inch of your pasty body when you slid yourself into what looked like a series of poorly constructed silver-plated necklaces and not much else at the 1998 VMAs.

Like, everyone and their half-blind grammaw could see everything from like, what you had for breakfast to your boobiedos and cheeks, to, like, the results of your last gynecological visit. Observe:

Rose's full-frontal (and butt-al) exposure made it easy to forget that she showed up with freak show Marilyn Manson at her side. Who cares that your boyfriend's got red hair and two different colored eyes when the whole world's staring up your crack?

Stay tuned for the possibility of more butts -- or senseless outfits at the very least -- at the 2008 VMAs, live from Hollywood on Sunday, September 7th.

+ Plus: relevant videos: Iggy Pop, "Butt Town," and, of course, Sir Mix-A-Lot's evergreen ode to the exit door...