Buzz Bites -- 8/19/2008: 50 Cent Is In Da Money

+ Rapper 50 Cent has officially knocked Jay-Z out of the top spot in Forbes' "Hip-Hop Cash Kings" rankings. Or, as we call it, the "Richest Guys Still Rapping About Being From The Streets" list. (MTV)

+ And speaking of Hov, here's Part XX of the Jay-Z vs. Oasis feud. (Nah Right, via RS)

+ Jurassic flashback! Before they were hanging with the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez were chillin' at Barney's crib. (People)

+ Breaking: The Destiny's Child reunion tour may contain new material! Which doesn't change the fact that we only want to hear them play "Survivor," "Bootlycious" and "Independent Women Part 1" on repeat. (NME)

+ Linkin Park pays tribute to Guns N' Roses by decimating "Welcome to the Jungle." (Idolator)

+ Ice Cube proves he's still got it by doin' his "thang" on his new music vid. (The Boombox)

+ Buzzin' boys Shwayze and Cisco Adler discuss their foolproof plan for avoiding underage girls. (Karma Loop)

+ As expected, Britney Spears isn't just losing custody of her children. She's also losing custody of the $700,000 she owes in legal fees, not to mention K-Fed's fat palimony checks. (MTV)