It's 'Making The Band' Fan Week On 'TRL!'

Good news, Making the Band 4 fans! This week, Danity Kane, Day26 and Donnie Klang are taking over TRL (and invading your TV screens) in honor of tomorrow night's season 3 premiere. So if you worshiped Aubrey O'Day in Hairspray, love to love Donnie and have a thing for Day26, tune in on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to catch up with your favorite MTB guys and gals (plus an impressive arsenal of celeb guests) on TRL.

Then find out what Diddy has in store for the bandmates by watching the season 3 trailer (and check out the official TRL Fan Week schedule) before the new season kicks off tomorrow at 9pm.

Until then, here's a sneak-preview of what's in store this season on MTB...and this week on MTB Fan Week:

08.19.08 | Tuesday

MTB Fan Week kicks off with Danity Kane, Day26 and Donnie Klang -- in other words, everyone you know and love from the show (except Diddy and his cheesecake). Plus Shwayze and Cisco get their "Corona and Lime" on and The Cheetah Girls show the triple-D's why they're so spot-on.

08.20.08 | Wednesday

MTB Fan Week continues, as DK and Donnie Klang share hosting duties and marvel at the fact that they have the exact same initials. Also, The Veronicas perform and both DK's are on hand to chat up the House Bunny cast and introduce the newest jams from Nelly.

08.21.08 | Thursday

MTB Fan Week ends with a bang, as Day26 co-hosts and celebs Jesse McCartney, Tyrese, Jason Statham and Natalie Martinez stop by. Fortunately, new videos by Snoop Dogg and The Academy Is... arrive to help us cope with our MTB withdrawal symptoms.