Video Interview: Mayday Parade

(Credit: Ben Ritter)

The guys from Mayday Parade have no misgivings about who they are: "I'm a straight-up dork, I'm a nerd" insists lead singer Derek Sanders. "We walk around the streets of New York City and talk about how similar it is to "Grand Theft Auto IV."

Of course, it's not like they just sit around playing video games (or talking about playing video games) all the time. Occasionally, they also play music! Plus, "We also, like hang out, relax and like, read a book or like, watch TV"

And speaking of, like, watching TV, it's time to make like Mayday and check out this video interview with the band. Bonus: Not only will you learn about how the self-made rockers -- and potential VMA nominees -- kicked their career into high gear, but you'll also get a chance to download their crazy Vegas adventure, "Jamie All Over."

Fortunately for us, watching the fun-loving MP gang lose big at the card tables is a hell of a lot more gratifying than draining your checking account because you "just had a feeling" about roulette.