Best of/ Must See -- 'Jonas Brothers: Live & Mobile' MTV Takeover Extreme Recappage Package!!!

In case you were asleep/ unaware of the insanity that was the two-day marathon Jonas Brothers: Live & Mobile/ in-your-face/ Jonapalooza jammy jam (and if you DID miss a minute, then WTJ?!??), here's a not-so-brief highlight reel, if you will, of the weekend's events. I did the heavylifting and listed some of my favorite moments, in chronological order.


+ We make our very first contact with the Jonas Brothers, as they board their bus from Manhattan and head to Jone/as Beach.

+ The Jonas bus pulls up to Jones Beach. The JBrs de…bus?

+ "Halo" battle in the dressing room: Joe prevails!

+ Kevin gives us a tour of the "Burning Up" stage and has a mini Beavis moment with the pyro machine.

+ Whoopsers! At Jones Beach, a mob of eagle-eyed fans spot Kevin, who hides on the recording studio bus with me. Eek!

+ Fans freak the freak out at the meet and greet. Cue the oxygen tanks AND the "KEVIN TOUCHED MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" fan (at 00:13).

+ With the Jones Beach crowds in their seats (barely), the JBs take us behind the stage into the adrenaline-filled moments before they kick off their Jones Beach show. We ride the magic carpet with them, and their explosive, unbelievable show begins.

+ The show's on, and I snap photos from the side of the stage and then pass out on a bench backstage.


+ Times Square's asleep and so are the Jonas Brothers… until I follow Mama Jonas into their hotel rooms to wake them up. See who sleeps without a shirt and who locked Mama Jonas out.

+ Savvy JB fan/borderline stalkers. who are wide awake outside of the JB's hotel, lose most of their marbles when I show them the JBs' wake-up photos, lose the rest when the guys leave the hotel.

+ They gotta get to the Hamptons for a private gig with no time to lose, so the guys take flight on the Jonaschopper, where it's REALLLLL LOUD, but they figure out a way to communicate. So crafty, those three!

+ The normally serene Hamptons explode into a Jonas-induced frenzy when the JBs arrive and go straight into a meet and greet.

+ JBs rule the school in their intimate benefit performance in the Hamptons, then down some burgers on the way back to the Hamptons heliport.

+ Kevin and Joe power nap in the chopper on the helicopter ride back from the Hamptons -- too bad they missed this bird's eye view of Manhattan -- then land safely on the ground, where fans, confused passersby, and police escorts await.

+ On the way from the Manhattan heliport to their private album listening party, the guys recap their favorite MTV moments so far and pirate-punk some innocent, unsuspecting NYC pedestrians.

+ Meanwhile these New Yorkers are anything but unsuspecting. The guys, once again escorted by the po-po, try to make their way to MSG, while some athletic fans try to outrun their ride and sweet sweet Mama Denise tears up.

+ The Jonas Brothers arrive at Madison Square Garden, ready to play the biggest show of their career!

+ Before the show, Frankie Bonus Jonas (we loves us some Jo Bo!) races Scooters while his big bros race Segways:

+ While the guys warm up, Bo Jo reveals HIS favorite Jonas brother (seriously).

+ The JBs prep for their MSG meet and greet, and surprise one unsuspecting fan on her 16th birthday.

+ Out on the MSG floor, the crowd makes some noise for the unofficial fourth Jonas Bro, Big Rob, and the guys get to the meetin' and greetin' magic.

+ Then, backstage, a hot second before the MSG show starts, Kevin throws me the double thumbs up, and Joe warms up with a widdle tap dance.

+ Seconds to go before the show... the boys and crew huddle up, throw us some props (awww!) and then give us one last look before they ride the magic carpet up to the highest point in their career -- the start of their first-ever Madison Square Garden show! It's ON!

+ I run around MSG going Jo-NUTS, taking snaps of their show, collapse that night at home, dreaming sweet JB dreams, ready to do it all over again...


I met up with the guys this morning when they returned to MTV for their week-long TRL stint. They (and Big Rob too!) greet me with a hug. Why? Because they're the sweetest, nicest, most thougtful dudes in the entire universe. Oh, and speaking of doing it all over again, we practically will, when we meet up with them again at the VMAs on Sunday, Sept. 7! They're performing and told me they've got a few surprises in store. (Can't. Freaking. WAIT!) But first... they've got an album to release! In like... less than three hours, and I seriously can't wait a little bit longer for it.

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