More Jonas Brothers on 'TRL'!

After giving 1000% of themselves all Friday and Saturday to us and their fans, the Jonas Brothers returned for more MTV love again, reporting for day 1 of their TRL hosting duties. And even though it's practically monsooning (if that's a word... it is now!) outside, their fans are braving total pneumonia action for just a glimpse of the guys. Did you see the lucky -- and soaked -- fan who got to come up to the show and sit next to Joe? Awesome x1 billion.

And here's a shot of the Jo Broze and me in the TRL green room, right after the show wrapped today. Despite the fact that they're busy with their hosting duties and getting ready to prepare for the excitement of their new album, A Little Bit Longer, which comes out tomorrow, they still found time to give me a hug (eeeeeee!!!) and thank me for hanging out with them this weekend -- again, is this bizarro world? No, thank YOU!

Don't miss them on the TRL Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (again, I definitely don't have to tell you that), and stay tuned for more MTV/Jonas video highlights. (And from the sound of it, you guys aren't going anywhere -- the screaming coming from outside is deafening, and I'm writing this from 17 floors up!)