Artist Of The Week: Kid Rock

NEWS FLASH! Our esteemed artist of the week is a confirmed performer for the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 7 in Hollywood! Don't miss it! Now, back to our regularly scheduled post ...

If there was the slightest possibility that you hadn't already heard of Kid Rock, it would make sense to go on and on about the 23 million+ albums he's sold ... About how he's filled in for frontmen in bands as diverse as Metallica, Phish and Lynyrd Skynyrd ... About how he launched the career of Uncle Kracker one day and immortalized Aerosmith's with a performance of "Sweet Emotion" at the Rock 'N Roll Hall Of Fame another ... But Kid Rock pretty much took care of that whole issue of "the public eye" when he married Pamela Anderson, showed up in David Spade's Joe Dirt and released an album called Rock N Roll Jesus, now didn't he? Let's just say that the guy lives up to the title of his 2001 release, Cocky.

And why shouldn't he? After all, how many careers have you heard of that start in a Romeo, Michigan, shopping mall at age 11 (back when Kid was known as Robert James Ritchie) and end at the top of the world (not to mention the pop charts)? Not that many, right? No. And how many artists have you seen transition so smoothly between greasy trailer kid to rap-metal breakout, between country crossover phenomenon and classic rock revivalist, between "Early Morning Stoned Pimp" and "Rock N Roll Jesus?" Again, not a single one.

Take a step back and really look at Kid Rock. He's collaborated with Lil Jon, The Allman Brothers, Run DMC and Sheryl Crow. He's appeared on the Vans Warped Tour, on the cover of Rolling Stone (twice!), in court for punching a strip club DJ and on Larry King Live. See? Kid Rock has done absolutely EVERYTHING, and he's just getting started.

With all that under his belt, can you even imagine what this cocky rock'n'roll Jesus has in store for's Artist Of The Week? You know, it's hard not to brag, but for once, let's just leave this one up in the air ... Because no matter how well prepared you are when the exclusive Kid Rock AOTW videos hit the net, you are gonna go absolutely bawitdaba bonkers! BRACE YOURSELVES! HERE COMES THE ROCK!

Check out this photo flipbook and get psyched for a week with Kid Rock!