MSG: Jonas Brothers Burn It Up! Live Concert Pix! Good Night!

I laughed, I cried (almost... Once... Out of delirious, loopy exhaustion at like 4am this morning), I spent almost 48 straight hours in the Jonas Brothers' amazing inner circle, I got to wake them up, got kissed on the cheek by Kevin (and I didn't even have to ask! He's like a mindreader, that one), rode a helicopter, texted my thumbs off, chilled down with Frankie, saw four JB live performances and got unimaginable backstage access to the series of interlocking miracles that is the entire process of mounting a Jonas stage show.

But best of all, I got to do it for and share it all with the most awesome Jonas fans on the planet. The last thing I did just now was take a massive gallery of live photos. Keep livin' the dream, MTV Jonas Brothers fans, and thanks for staying with us all weekend! See ya! MTV JB out!!!

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