Manhattan: Arriving At Madison Square Garden

We left New York City's meatpacking district after the JBs finished their second gig of the day and, not only was the entire block swarming with ravenous fans, but a select few elite sprinters managed to keep up with the JBs' police motorcade and our moving vehicles for the better part of a few avenues. Mad respect!

When we pulled up to MSG, we encountered the most insanely rabid, raucous, ear-splittingly psyched OJD mob scene we've encountered throughout this entire epic undertaking. Following right behind the JBs' ride, right up through the super mega ultra VIP back entrance, and then, with a quick push of the gas pedal, the sound of the crowd disappeared as we zoomed up the ramp and right up to the back of the floor of MSG. As in where the Knicks play. And every major musical act in recent history. For real-for real. This is gonna be absolutely and positively off the hook.

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