Manhattan: Bonus Jonus In tha House

I'm outside the Highline Ballroom, in the idling van where the crew's taking a quick coffee break. (FYI, I've had about 4995 times the suggested daily amount). Oh, and sorry, environment -- we owe you one, though we did recycle our soda cans backstage at the JBs' Jones Beach show.

Anyhow, right now, as many fans as the venue holds are currently packed inside at the Jonas Brothers' radio station appearance and performance, celebrating the release of their new album, A Little Bit Longer, which Kevin said people are already lining up for outside of stores, and it doesn't even go on sale til Tuesday! (Is that not THE classic symptom of OJD?)

The JBs are inside, too - if you were anywhere near 16th Street around 3pm, you probably heard a collective bloodcurdling scream (courtesy of an entire city block's worth of teenage girls) when the guys popped out of their ride and were whisked inside. So, about that headline - we spotted presh lil Frankie Jonas walking in with Mama Jonas. (Could that family BE any cuter?)

Kay, next stop, Madison Square Garden -- hopefully once we get there we'll get to chill a bit more with the guys and axe 'em some more of your questions, so keep those rolling in. Livin' the dream, for REALS!

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