The Hamptons: The Jonas Brothers Prepare to Play

In acting classes and stuff, they always talk about "the moment before" -- as in, what were you doing the moment before you started a scene? So here it is: While the crowd upstairs was anxiously awaiting the start of the show, I was downstairs in the JBs' dressing room. I snapped a quick pic of their mic packs and a flower bouquet that looked like it'd been freshly plucked from an English meadow (so tempting to take for my very own..)

Just like in the moments leading up to last night's Jones Beach show, the guys came out of their dressing room and used their last pre-show moments to get pumped by dancing, joking around, and hi-fiving one other -- and everyone in their inner circle. They regrouped for prayer circle, then ran upstairs, waited for the drum cue (which also cued the gaggle of screaming girls), and coolly cruised into "That's Just the Way We Roll."

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