The Hamptons: More Meeting And Greeting

We're here in the tony, pristine Hamptons (please, can we maybe stay??) with the JBs. They're doing a private event for charity at the Ross School (which looks more like Canyon Ranch and not at all like where I went to school, which looked more like DeGrassi). Anyhow, lots of people were paid big bucks to be here - we spotted Kelly Ripa who was positively ROCKING out at the JB show (stars really are like us!) - to see the guys play and benefit the school's scholarship program.

We all got here just in time to catch a few minutes of sound check. The student volunteers helping out outside the glass auditorium caught it, too -- and freaked out accordingly (you would too if the JBs played a show where you usually sit through school assemblies) but before the JBs started, it was time for more exciting meet-and-greet action. (That cute blond girl is JB fan named Katie, by the way).

We just had to take a pic. I mean, really - note the shirt.

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