Manhattan: Jonas Brothers Have Left The Building

The guys just stepped out of the hotel looking well rested -- can they please, please bottle and sell some of that Jonas magic? They stopped to take a few pix with their die-hard early-riser fans (it's barely 9 a.m.!) and hopped into their escalade (I snapped a shot of the cool VIP red light it's got inside). And now we're in midtown Manhattan traffic again in the JB's police motorcade headed toward the helicopters that'll take us to the Hamptons for a private concert. (Get to the chopper!) Because that's how we roll. (P.S.: Please wish me luck when it comes to not barfing on their shoes! The Jonases are used to helicopters, but I'm no rock star. OMG. Eek. Seriously ... deep breaths ... maybe Kevin will hold my hand? Think I should ask?!)

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