Times Square: Ready For Day Two

OK, *NOW* I'm starting to really feel for the JBs. I went to bed at 2-something after reading through thousands of comments, and got back up at 4:45. (I had to stop by my desk at 1515, so I snapped this photo of Times Square at the crack of dawn -- I've never seen the heart of New York City so deserted ... and I saw Vanilla Sky.)

All that and I didn't even perform a mind-blowingly high-impact concert last night. I'm perpetually amazed by the guys' energy and genuine enthusiasm -- and, I should mention, their always-perfect hair.

Anyway, I'm up and at 'em for day two of MTV's JB-apalooza. Right now I'm in our first crew meeting of the day (downing my iced Red Eye -- that's coffee with a shot of espresso -- breakfast of blog warriors!!!), in a conference room at the hotel where the guys are staying. I can't tell you where that is because I'd be fired in a hot second, but, um, it's nice! 'Kay! More to come, obvs!

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