Jones Beach: The Best Seats In The house!

OK, so I just watched four girls' dreams instantly come true when the Jonas Bros bumped them up from the very last row of the Nikon at Jones Beach Theatre to the very front row. Honestly, I teared up a bit watching the JBs introduce themselves and personally hand them the tickets. Unbelievable.

'Kay so now we're getting closer to show time, so with the crowd roaring at deafening decibels, we just scurried down the dark, scary catacombs underneath the venue -- all those screaming fans freaking out above us -- like rats (Kevin cracked some Rocky jokes and Nick and I placed bets on whether we'd see an actual rat). When we surfaced above ground backstage, I got in one more question before the guys slipped into their dressing room to get changed. It's from Barbara in Chicago who wants to know what the most meaningful accomplishment of the year is.

Here's what they said:

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