Jonas Liftoff!

This photo is special for many reasons, and not just because it's our first shot of the day of the holy trinity that is Nick, Joe, and Kevin, or because it's got Big Rob in the background -- and believe me, he's called "big" for a reason. But ladies, I risked a concussion for this shot after some aggro pap almost clocked me in the head with his wide angle!

Anyway, the boys just walked out of their radio station appearance to a swarm of photographers and fans who got a hug from the guys and a few photos, too. (We're watching a couple cry in shock.) Their manager introduced us and the guys graciously introduced themselves to me (sweet formality, but, um, I got your names down) and thanked me for spending two straight days with them. (No, thank YOU, Jonas Brothers!) Oh yeah, and Kevin shook my hand twice! Such a gent!

OK. Anyway, they're resting on their bus now since they were up at 4 (!) this morning for GMA (I have zero room to complain after waking up at 6 myself), and we're slowly moving through midtown Manhattan in a police motorcade -- our vans, the JBs' tour bus, their band's bus, a couple SUVs, and New York's finest, lights flashing. Next stop, Jone/as Beach! OMJ!

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