Times Square: Hitting The Road With The Jonas Brothers!

Hi! It's Tamar! Right this minute I'm outside of MTV waiting to get in a white van with the rest of the MTV crew assigned to Jonas duty ...

I'm spending two straight days with the Jonas Brothers, blogging the whole time, getting you as close as I possibly, legally can to the guys!! This feels a little like a field trip, if field trips were ever this awesome. Because instead of going to a museum, we're getting ready to meet up with the JBs at a radio station in New York City, where earlier this morning they finished up their appearance on Good Morning America (check out the photos). After that we're off to Long Island for a concert at Jones Beach, which we're affectionately renaming Jonas Beach. Tee!

'Kay. Deep breaths!!!

Keep up on all the blog posts and see the live video (a little later!) at jonasbros.mtv.com.