Jonas Brothers Are About to Get 'Live & Mobile,' And We're Going Along for the Ride

Any fan worth her weight in the elusive It's About Time CD knows that the Jonas Brothers are taking over New York for an unbelievable three concerts at Madison Square Garden. But starting tomorrow at 4pm EST, we're going to be going everywhere your boys go (except to the bathroom and stuff), from their hotel, to the Hamptons, even inside their helicopters, and filming everything along the way and sharing up-to-the-minute Jonas videos with you.

And I'm personally going to be live blogging the whole epic JB adventure, taking you backstage, to their soundcheck, into their dressing room (eee!), and inside their world the entire time. (I. KNOW!)

You've seen their concerts, blog updates, and TV appearances, but seriously you've never seen this much Jonas Brothers before.

Get ready with a few warm-up videos of the guys talking about the awesome powers of the Internet, driving the wrong way down the street, and pre-MSG jitters.

Oh! And they're gonna be answering your questions, so what do you wanna know? Send us your questions in the comments, okay? Check back here tomorrow for streaming video, and then get ready for what may be even more Jonas than you can possibly handle when we present "Jonas Brothers: Live & Mobile."