VMAs 2008: We're Counting Your Best New Artist Nominee Votes -- Finalists Revealed Friday on 'FNMTV'

... And boy are our hands tired. We have our suspicions, but we, like you, won't know fo sho until this Friday night on FNMTV, when the final nominees in the "Best New Artist" category are announced, along with the "Best Dancing In a Video" noms. Seriously, someone's mom's gonna be super proud when she finds out she's one step closer to getting a Moonman to proudly display on her fridge.

Anyheezy, out of the eight pages (!!?!?!?) of possible VMA Best New Artist nominees, here are 10 of our favorite picks and their A+ videos.

+ OneRepublic, "Stop and Stare" -- Their smash hit "Apologize" is also a contender, but "Stop and Stare" hurts even better.

+ Leona Lewis, "Bleeding Love" -- Buckets of sexy, soulful emotion!

+ A Cursive Memory, "Everything" -- Punk'd 2.0!

+ Tokio Hotel, "Ready, Set, Go!" -- Duh...

+ Taylor Swift, "Teardrops on My Guitar" -- Seriously, how could Drew make our little pretty pretty princess cry!?!?

+ Vampire Weekend, "Oxford Comma" -- Wes Anderson + grammar = nerds unite!

+ Kid Sister, "Pro Nails" -- Inspiring us to keep our tips fly!

+ Estelle, "American Boy" -- Inspiring us to up our frequent flyer miles. And ring Kanye about another breezy duet.

+ She & Him, "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?" -- Oh, Zooey. Why do you have to be so cute?

+ The Teenagers, "Love No" -- Frothy drinks, rollerskates, sexual tension and lotsa tongue? Yes, please!

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