Exclusive Video: Backstage With Tokio Hotel at 'TRL' - Wednesday, August 6

What? Leave work without posting today's exclusive footage from Tokio Hotel's TRL appearance? That'd be like depriving you of precious oxygen or clean drinking water or... more footage of Tokio Hotel. Check out today's backstage footage below, and catch backstage footage from Tuesday's show right here.

And, of course, don't miss their live TRL performance tomorrow at 11am EST. (Early, right? But clearly so worth it. Also, side note: um exactly HOW many of you are Bill's wife? I'm seeing a LOT of "Mrs. Bill Kaulitzes" in the comments. He told us he's single. Polygamy's illegal in Germany, right? And I'm pretty sure none of you wanna share Bill. Also, if/ when Bill does get married, it should totally be live on MTV. I volunteer to live blog. Or even officiate! It'd be like sugar on mein heart!)

Ok. Watch the video: