New Video: Robin Thicke, 'Magic'

Ever wondered what would happen if Jamiroquai, George Michael and Justin Timberlake suddenly morphed into one super-human? You'd probably get a multi-talented singer-songwriter with an affinity for smartly tailored three-piece suits and a soft spot for disco beats.

In other words, magic.

No, really, "Magic" -- the insanely irresistible new video by Robin Thicke, (a.k.a. that dude who sang "Lost Without U" and literally spanked Rihanna in that creepy-hot GQ pictorial).

Oh yeah, and, unprovoked, he came up to us in the hall the other day and introduced himself! Like we didn't know who he was. Swoonmeltswoon!

Anyway, suit up for a trip to the final frontier (it's sexier than we expected), and allow yourself to fall completely under Thicke's magic spell. Er, again.