Nick Jonas Takes on Juvenile Diabetes

Nick Jonas, along with fellow Jonas Brothers Kevin and Joe (and mom and dad), were in NYC today, talking about a cause close to their hearts: diabetes. Nick, who was diagnosed with the disease in 2005, launched a Website that he hopes will help other young people living with diabetes.

After choking up while talking about being diagnosed, Nick revealed that the band's new song, "A Little Bit Longer" -- which immediately shot to #1 on iTunes after it was released yesterday -- was something he started working on right after he learned he was sick. But it wasn't until he got frustrated about having low blood sugar on the set of Camp Rock that he finally found the inspiration to finish it.

In fact, his biggest concern before going onstage isn't nerves, it's making sure he isn't too "low." If he is, everyone behind the scenes is poised with medical supplies and snacks in case he needs them. Just the other day, Nick told Kevin and Joe he wasn't feeling well during a show, so Kevin killed some time by talking to the crowd while Nick took a break. Of course, Nick admitted he let his big bros sweat it out alone onstage for a few extra minutes.

A "bad attitude" and "weird cravings" are other symptoms Nick sometimes experiences on the road -- when he wants Pizza Hut, the boy better get it!

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