Buzz Bites -- 8/5/2008: Oasis Gives Oasis Fans What They Want

+ Have you heard? Oasis is giving die-hard fans an opportunity to meet the band and sit in on a private rehearsal! Sign up for their mailing list today and for a chance to watch them bicker, reminisce about the glory days (read: the 1990s), and trash their new archnemesis, Jay-Z. (NME)

+ And since we're already getting nostalgic, maybe now's a good time to revisit "She F------ Hates Me" by Puddle of Mudd. Yep, there it is...still as crappy as ever. (Stereogum)

+ Akon and Ludacris to Rick Ross: Okay, fine, you weren't a prison guard. We totally get it. Now can we all just move on? (MTV)

+ Rage Against the Machine to play Minneapolis, MN the same weekend as the Republic National Convention. Fortunately, this scheduling "conflict" is expected to have little to no effect on RAM's target demographic. (Rolling Stone)

+ The Jonas Brothers are ready to rock! The boys have preemptively agreed to come on board and do a Camp Rock sequel. (Entertainment Weekly)

+ Speaking of which, Selena Gomez wants you to know that she is not -- nor has she ever been -- dating a Jonas. Period. (Hollyscoop)

+ Hooray! Reality show Nashville Star has crowned its new champ! And now introducing...some country singer you've never heard of. (Billboard)