Mariah Carey Wants to Hear You Drop a Beat... to the Tune of $5,000

Newsflash! Remixing isn't just for super-producers (and Girl Talk) anymore. Which is why Mariah Carey's giving you the opportunity to digitally remaster her hit single, "I'll Be Lovin' You Long Time." And don't worry, her initials aren't "MC" for nothing -- Ms. Carey (or should we say Mrs. Nick Cannon?) will be providing the temps, the song, and the hot prizes so all you need is a home computer, a working Internet connection and a vision, if you will.

Indaba Music has the rules and all prizes, include the $5,000 grand prize, the coveted featured-track spot on Mariah's website PLUS the honor of being her top MySpace friend for one glorious month.

+ Need inspiration? Watch her "Heartbreaker" video. And remember: the phrase "Yo Mariah, you on fire" has already been used. And trust us, once was more than enough.