Buzz Bites -- 8/4/2008: Jonas Brothers Rack Up 6 Teen Choice Board-Awards!

+ Surf's up for the Jonas Brothers! The sibling act took home six ceremonial surfboards at last night's Teen Choice Awards! Which means either (a) each Jonas walked away with two boards apiece or (b) Kevin and Joe enforced Chapter 135 of the oft-invoked Big Brother Clause...and forced Nick to shlep home all half-dozen himself. (

+ Meanwhile, onto more important what everybody wore! Check out these red carpet photos from the Teen Choice Awards and decide whether Miley or Selena should have taken home the surfboard for Best Dressed. (E! Online)

+ "When we came out, I can say it now, I actually hated Puff Daddy," confesses Noreaga. "I was disgusted at what they was doing with the shiny suits and the blow-up dolls...I didn't agree with that. I felt the shiny-suit movement was destroying the grimy movement." (MTV)

+ Kanye West dedicates his electrifying Lollapalooza show to his late mother, declaring: "This performance is for the lady that drove me to Chicago at the age of three." (Billboard)

+ Keri Hilson gives Britney Spears a huge thumbs-up. "She really isn't the puppet that people make her out to be," says Hilson. "She has an opinion and she's a very, very bright girl...You won't find any diva behavior in there." (The Bosh)

+ It's time to get out your KISS makeup, Hot Topic accessories and ripped black fishnets -- and check out the new goth-inspired vid from Vampire Weekend. (NME)

+ Apparently, we're not the only ones who believed in Lil Wayne's air guitar! The "Lollipop" rapper has scored himself a nomination for best hip-hop video, along with Flo Rida, Kanye, Mary J. Blige and Lupe Fiasco. (MTV)