Buzz Bites -- 7/29/2008: Ne-Yo And Marilyn Manson's One-Sided Love Affair

+ This just in: Ne-Yo has always secretly wanted to work with Marilyn "Paleface" Manson. Even weirder? The longtime Antichrist admirer is also a closeted Duffy fan! "I like some of Duffy's stuff," Ne-Yo admits. "If she can escape the 'I'm a blonde Amy Winehouse' thing, she'll be OK." (Spinner)

+ And speaking of Amy, the beehived brunette's latest hospital stint is being attributed to a "reaction to medication." For a change. (AOL Music)

+ Oh, and Trick Daddy never called Rick Ross a prison guard, hence they're not in a fight. Or, as TD puts it: "I refuse to go through some fake rap beef about something somebody on the computer said." Translation: Never believe anything you read on the computer, kids! Well, except this. (MTV)

+ Snoop Dogg takes a cue from Natalie Portman and decides it's time to go Bollywood! ""I like how the Punjabis get down," the rapper explains. Plus, you know, there was also that wicked cool wedding scene in Bend it Like Beckham. (NY Mag)

+ Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello says his new solo album "rocks harder than the last one." Guess that means it's time to invest in a marginally less crappy pair of speakers. (Rolling Stone)

+ And elsewhere, Jewel's still stubbornly trying to convince herself that yodeling is cool. (The Boot)

+ The Killers skillfully avoid revealing anything of interest about their upcoming new album. (MTV)