Video Interview: Busta Rhymes

Between Busta's recent label drama and Nas' entire album and media maelstrom, the two rappers have been embroiled in a fountainhead of controversy. MTV staff writer timmhotep aku sat down with Busta, who traded in the beef for poultry -- in particular, his guest spot on Nas' new track, "Fried Chicken." See what timmhotep had to say about interviewing Busta, and check out the interview below that.

Embattled, controversial and brolic. Those are words I never thought I'd use to describe Busta Rhymes, an emcee who recounted high school hijinks as a teenaged Leader of the New School in the early '90s and reinvented himself as a cartoonish energy god later on that decade. Fast-forward to 2008: new and improved, jacked and dread-less Busta has been through a couple years of legal trouble and the bad press it brings. So when I sat down to interview the self-proclaimed "Best Rapper In Existence," I skipped the drama to talk about what he does best: rap. Check him out as talks about his skills getting slept on and collaborating with his homeboy Nas on one of the best hip-hop concept songs we've heard in a while.