New Video: N.E.R.D., 'Spaz'

Missed N.E.R.D. on the "Glow In the Dark" tour? Boo. So did we, though on one hand, we consider ourselves lucky since we avoided getting knocked upside the head by Angry Kanye's MacBook Air. Anyway, N.E.R.D. just dropped their latest clip, "Spaz," so this is as close as you're gonna get unless they release a live DVD. And speaking of missing, you won't catch any nose candy odes, A-list cameos, skateboards, low-riders or neckpieces in this video. Despite the "Spaz if you want to" call to action, the video is a stripped-down, perfunctory performance piece with just a few light trail effects and paint splatters. More like "Chill if you want to."