Lil Wayne NEEDS to Host the 2008 MTV VMAs

We'll be frank. Curt even, and other adjectives that double as men's names. Lil Wayne absoluteamentely needs to host the 2008 MTV VMAs.

Compelling reasons why:

+ He sold a million copies (and change) of Tha Carter III its first week out. (Top that, Carla Bruni!)

+ You can't even put a price on the greatness that was his FNMTV performance of "A Milli."

+ Even Time magazine's on his jock.

+ Even Khia wants his jock (ewww).

+ What if Billy Crystal's busy?

+ He's making the keffiyeh totally hip-hop. (Sorry Rachael Ray.)

+ He makes Lloyd's "Girls of the World" video feel slightly more hood/ slightly less like an Epcot Center attraction and/or Janet Jackson's "Feedback" video, and/or myriad TLC videos.

+ That baby face!

+ For those attendees old enough to drink (sorry, Miley), the green room could feature bottomless bottles of possibly Pedialyte-flavored Weezy champers! Mmm! Tasty and drowsiness-causing!

+ He totally plays well with others, especially Pete Wentz, especially at the VMAs. Case in point: the Lil Wayne/Fall Out Boy collabo at last year's VMAs... Check it out below, and watch for then-unknown Tyga, plus Travis "Mama Said Knock You Out" McCoy and members of Panic At the Disco.

And Weezy, if you're interested, get in touch. (We're on your buddy list, right?) We'll get you a badge!