Video Premiere: Death Cab For Cutie, 'Cath'

Stereogum recently described Death Cab frontman Ben Gibbard as "the indie-rock WALL-E," which we're assuming refers to both his overall cuteness and his ability to churn out lilting hits with machine-like precision. And he's done it again with "Cath," the latest penetrating lyrical snapshot off DCFC's chart-topping new album, Narrow Stairs, which features a teary-eyed Lucas Haas and the most unenthusiastic bride we've seen since Darla Conger's cringe-tastic stint on Who Wants To Marry A Millionaire?.

So what's the point? According to Ben, the idea was "to create this character that's going through the motions, not really sure of why they're necessarily doing it." Like the broken bride in Rilo Kiley's "Silver Lining," video, mission depressingly accomplished.

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