New Video: Pretty Ricky, 'Cuddle Up'

"Cuddle Up," the new joint venture between Pretty Ricky and Butta Creame (dressed like early Salt-N-Pepa), is one long "8-Minute Abs" commercial set to R&B beats. And we're not complaining, mind you. (In fact, nothing against their sound but next time, these guys should probably just skip the singing part altogether and shoot a four-and-a-half minute clip of them standing around waxing their chests). Hold up, rewind for a minute. On the off-chance you haven't already heard of Pretty Ricky, allow us to give you the 30-second recap.

Born and bred in Miami, this hard-bodied family affair is made up of four brothers (three rappers, one singer), a Joe Simpson-esque dad/manager named "Blue Smith" and one hell of a Soloflex. Pretty Ricky quickly moved from dancing in the background to forming their own group. And before long, they were tearing up the Miami music scene with hits like "Grind With Me" (off their debut album, BLUESTARS) and the booty-shaking club banger, "Get Up."

Now, the boys are back with their latest soon-to-be-hit, "Cuddle Up," a video that screams old-school (think Tone Loc, Silk, Jodeci and ... Frankie Goes To Hollywood?) despite the cutting-edge sound and timeless pec shots. Check it out, and let us know whether or not you'd like to cuddle up in their collectively raw '80s grill.