New Video: The Presets, 'This Boy's in Love'

"This Boy's in Love," by Sydney's the Presets is one of the summer's dirtiest videos for sure. But not dirty in the vintage X-tina-in-assless-chaps way. Just dirty in the "Good God you guys need the Axe effect something serious" way. Like they just dug through the mud from Brisbane to Boston. Like they picked up where the cover of the new Sigur Ros album left off. Or like Devendra Banhart.

But sonically, "This Boy's in Love" is all alarming synths and crisp, clean dance beats, backed by Paul Banks-style you're-yelling-at-me-but-I-like-it vocals. Like electo-indie outfits Cut Copy, the Faint, and M83, Presets play like the soundtrack to a lost John Hughes movie; call it "future retro" if you will. So grab your Ray Bans and tap your Santogold-sanctioned Chuck Taylors along to it since everything old is new again... the past is the future, and the future is now.