Dem's Fightin' Words: Travis McCoy Arrested Following Racially Charged Altercation at Warped Tour

Beating people up at your shows is the new getting pregnant and denying it! Gym Class Heroes lead singer Travis McCoy was arrested and released on bond last night at the band's Warped Tour performance in Missouri after he BROKE A MICROPHONE over some dude's head after said dude called him the N-word. Now listen, we here at Buzzworthy so ABSOLUTELY DO NOT advocate the use of force or violence, but COME ON... drop terminology like that, and there's a decent chance you're gonna get yourself popped. Ironically, the whole thing went down after Gym Class performed "Peace Sign." (More at Rolling Stone.)

Anyway, after Tim McGraw's incident and Amy Winehouse decked that dude at Glastonbury, we're wondering who's gonna strike next and why. (And seriously, we'd pay GOOD cash to see one of the Jonas Brothers claw some obsessive stalker. Sigh. We can dream, right?)