Buzzworthy Obsession: The Cab, 'One of Those Nights'

The Cab hadn't even finished high school (Las Vegas' Liberty High School, to be exact) when they handed their demo to Panic At the Disco's Spencer Smith, who passed them along to Pete Wentz, who signed them to his aforementioned label, which explains why Pete, Patrick Stump and Bob McLynn all appear in their "One of Those Nights" video and why Patrick Stump's and Brendon Urie's throaty vocals dominate the chorus. (By the way, the lyrics are "I'm a mess and..." not "I'm a meth head," just to clarify... ) And while the comparisons to Panic and Fall Out Boy are inevitable, it's the strength of the Cab's infectious, upbeat pop-rock that's earned them overwhelming Internet buzz and impressive praise by Alternative Press, who deemed them "The Band You Need To Know" for 2008. (Seriously, go get Whisper War now. You'll still be listening to it next summer.)

"One of Those Nights," which is currently playing in the heaviest of rotations on MTV2, is like those video compilations they play at high school graduations, or at least at high school graduation on TV. But before you before you get too envious of the Cab's hustle, remember: they're just like you! Except with better hair, better jobs, and much cooler friends.