Two Vintage Videos In Which Two Men Who Star In Two Summer Movies Walk Around Lip-Synching To Elton John

We blew the dust off two completely bizarre videos you've either never seen before or probably haven't thought about in years. (You're welcome!) They're both Elton John videos (stay with me...), yet neither features Elton himself, and thankfully, some might say. Instead, in an odd confluence of the pop music of the early 2000s and the cinematic releases of Q2 and Q3 2008, they both feature stars of two summer movies -- Robert Downey Jr. and Justin Timberlake -- and lots of lip-synching and very slow walking.

In 2001's "I Want Love," off Elton's Songs From the West Coast, a wide-eyed, pre-Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. soberly wanders through a palatial mansion, containing only bad memories and no furniture, lip-synching to Elton John and, understandably, looking slightly sheepish and remorseful about that decision. The video appears to be one continuous shot, but it's pretty hard to get through the entire thing, so don't quote me on that.

Then, in "This Train Don't Stop There Anymore," Justin Timberlake fakes a receding hairline far worse than the messy curls he wore in The Love Guru. And, again, he lip-synchs as early-'70s Elton, complete with fake toof gap. It's depressing, and the whole thing may very well be a metaphor for erectile dysfunction. Regardless, it's weird stuff, but it's better than watching Elton pop up in those cringe-inducing novelty piano glasses in his "I'm Still Standing" video.