Buzz Bites -- 7/2/2008: When Heidi Montag Grows Up, She Wants To Be A Musician

+ Have you heard? The Hills' Heidi Montag isn't just a celebutante...she's also an aspiring gospel singer! Which totally explains why her first single, "Fashion," involves shouting out designers' names in a faux-French accent -- and her latest tribute to Jesus is entitled "One More Drink." (RC)

+ 50 Cent (a.k.a. "The rapper who's always getting shot") wants YOU to decide whether or not he's in a hardcore rap feud with T.I., (a.k.a. "The rapper who's always carrying guns.") Seriously, though, no pressure. (MTV)

+ Gym Class Heroes set a release date for their new album, The Quilt -- September 9th. (AceShowbiz)

+ Breaking: The "Best Albums of 2008" list was just released, and it has officially (intentionally?) overlooked "musician" Scarlett Johansson. (MTV)

+ Lily Allen sobers up in L.A., thinks about what she's done while working on her new album, Stuck on the Naughty Step. (NME)