New My Chemical Romance Videos From 'The Black Parade Is Dead!'

If The Black Parade is dead, no one's told My Chemical Romance or their booking agent. The band's been touring pretty much nonstop since 2005 (and in support of TBP since '06), selling out Madison Square Garden, 17,000 seats be damned. And despite the ridiculous flack they've gotten from everyone from Marilyn Manson to turncoat fans to the British press (we're looking at you, The Daily Mail), legions of loyal fans are still marching to sound of MCR's wildly successful third album. And though the album's almost two years old, the momentum of the material, the concept, and the overwhelming demand of MCR's fans to see the band perform the material live spurred The Black Parade Is Dead!, the band's shrewdly titled live CD/DVD, which hit stores today.

+ Watch two full-length clips -- "Mama" and "The Black Parade," -- filmed in 2007 at the Palacio de los Deportes, from the new album: