Buzz Bites 7/1/2008: 'All The Doormen Are Talking' About A-Rod And Madonna's Late-Night Rendez-Vous

+ Not only are Madonna and hubby Guy Ritchie rumored to be splitsville, but now new reports are insinuating that the Material Girl has been shacking up with...Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez?? Crazy? Sure, but that is the only thing that would explain both her impending divorce AND his unbelievable hitting streak. (

+ Has Danity Kane finally crossed over to the dark side? Eh, probably not. (MTV)

+ Remember that Mean Girls montage where the one dweeby girl says that Regina George punched her in the face one time and it was "awesome?" Yeah, that's pretty much how fanboy James Gostelow feels about getting socked by Amy Winehouse. (MTV)

+ Boy George begrudgingly cancels his U.S. tour after discovering that there are no "kind souls" at the U.S. Visa Office. (E! Online)

+ Pete Wentz calls himself a fag, in the way that you can make out with guys and still not be gay. Or be Katy Perry... (Popcrunch)

+ New Kids on the Block and New Edition join forces to create New Music together! Yikes. (People)