New Forever The Sickest Kids Photos

(Credit: Candice Lawler)

The next time you and your friends are sitting around, complaining about your respective parents/boyfriends/teachers/lame after-school jobs, and someone says, "Hey, we should totally start a band!" here's a tip: Do it. Because, who knows? You just might end up as lucky as Texas emo powerhouse Forever The Sickest Kids, who wrote and released their first hit single AND scored a record deal with Universal Motown within days of deciding to form a band.

If you're not too overcome by jealousy, and if you don't have it memorized at this point, check out the FTSK's first video, "Whoa Oh! (Me vs Everyone)" off their new-ish album, Underdog Alma Mater, then check out their exclusive pizza-eating contest/photo shoot, which took place at 10 in the morning, which wasn't too early for them to tear into a pie. "They were freaking out that they got to eat New York City pizza so early in the morning," photog Candice Lawler said. No judgments here.