New Video: Miley Cyrus, '7 Things'

These days you never know which Miley Cyrus you're going to get. Will it be the oversexed/underaged vixen we saw posing coquettishly between the pages -- and the bedsheets -- of Vanity Fair? Or the meticulously choreographed Disney automaton, who's so squeaky-clean she even has her own line of Hannah Montana bath products? In Miley's new vid, "7 Things," off her upcoming album, Breakout, it appears to be more of the latter. This Miley's cheekiness is entirely PG, tapered by waist-length argyle shirts and a preponderance of teddy bears. And, undoubtedly, this Miley's Disney approved. Meanwhile, her peppy (and only mildly aggro) lyrics bring to mind a watered-down version of Avril Lavigne's kid sister, and Lindsay Lohan's pseudo-rebellious character in Freaky Friday -- minus the eyeliner.

+ Think Miley hit all the right notes? We're not 100% convinced, but we do know two things for sure: 1) This girl sure knows how to put on a show. And, 2). Annie Leibowitz had absolutely NOTHING to do with the making of this video.