Fall Out Boy Gets Pretty in 'PINK'

Fall Out Boy is better known for Pete's emo bulldog, Hemingway, than the girlie little puppy Victoria's Secret's PINK offshoot (you know, those candy-colored sweats and booty shorts with stuff written across the butt?) employs as its mascot. But that isn't stopping the band from playing the brand's Pinkapalooza party in Santa Monica in July.

We can't really blame Pete for saying yes to the gig -- he's got another mouth to feed since soon wifey Ashlee (she also shilled for PINK when she performed at "The World's Largest PJ Party" in 2006) won't be able to fit into any booty shorts or cropped hoodies. But the irony of drummer Andy Hurley using the paycheck from a mammoth corporate gig to help fund his own clothing line -- the wholesomely titled F--- City -- is just too rich to ignore. PINK is the new red-and-black!

+ Relevant video: The Psychedelic Furs, "Pretty in Pink."