New Video: Lupe Fiasco, 'Paris, Tokyo'

We're pretty sure this is the only hip-hop video set in a mid-century locomotive. It's also probably the only one to feature a rapper wearing clothes that, y'know, fit. Such is the unconventional world of Chi-town MC Lupe Fiasco.

For his globe-trotting new video, "Paris, Tokyo," (the ying to the yang of Estelle's "American Boy"), Lupe -- the only other person allowed to appear on stage with Kanye West during his set on the "Glow In the Dark" tour -- takes us on a world tour so thorough that we suspect National Geographic had a hand in the production. And though the settings are exotic, it's the track's home-grown jazz sound that really cements its refined appeal. That, and the fact that Lupe's lookin' more fly than Farnsworth.