Buzz Bites -- 6/30/2008: Amy Winehouse Delivers 'Knock-Out' Performance At Glastonbury

+ Amy Winehouse proves mild to moderate emphysema can't keep her down by punching her own fans. Meanwhile, she also disses Kanye on stage, much to the singer-turned-blogger's delight. (E! Online via MTV)

+ And in other random Glastonbury feuds, Jay-Z totally "disses" Oasis by proving he's incapable of performing "Wonderwall." Beyonce, meanwhile, looks on patiently. (Stereogum)

+ Meanwhile, mom-in-training (and rumored VMA "Comeback-Comeback Kid") Britney Spears has a court-sanctioned sleepover with her boys while Kevin "Father of the Year" Federline parties it up in Vegas. (

+ Music Week "praises" the Jonas Brothers by comparing them to a forgotten child band of yesteryear. Because nothing says success like becoming "the highest-charting fraternal trio since Hanson." (Music Week)

+ And next in line to replace Tim Russert is...Young Jeezy? The MC proves he's got mad skillz as a political analyst by pronouncing Barack "ahead of his time" while dismissing McCain by saying "He's cool, but he looks like a fraud to me." (MTV)