New(ish) Video: Usher, 'Moving Mountains'

We're not sure what else there is to say about Usher. We've already told you that Here I Stand, the album that dared to follow the multi-platinum Confessions, debuted at #1. We've already honored him as Artist of the Week, where we showcased his MTV Movie Awards "auditions" and highlighted his transition from ballin' bachelor to happily married family man. And we've already commended his catlike reflexes and Cirque de Soleil dance moves, watched dreamily as he performed "Love in This Club" (after the dramatic LC-Audrina showdown!) at The Hills finale.

So what's the only thing Ush hasn't done? That'd be "Moving Mountains." And trust us, you'll enjoy watching him try -- especially during that unnecessary-but-amazing scene involving a tight muscle tee and torrents of rain.