New(ish) Video: Yelle, 'Je Veux Te Voir'

Parlez-vous francais? Sadly, the answer is still no. But we used our powers of deduction (read: Google search engine) to determine that "Je veux te voir" is French for "I want to see you." And as Yelle proves in her latest "Pop-Up" video, nothing communicates a sense of urgency quite like a prolonged/scantily clad workout montage. Meanwhile, despite not understanding a word, we feel confident that we still got the gist of the song. That is, assuming the electro pop tart -- and former Artist of the Week -- was, in fact, channeling Olivia Newton John in "Physical" while paying homage to the "style" (slutty gym-clothes chic) made famous by American Apparel.

Alright, fine. We don't know whether Yelle is singing about smelly gym socks, crappy ex-boyfriends or the war in Iraq -- and we're not sure we even care. Either way, we dig it. Just one question, though: Does watching this count as our daily cardio?

+ Check out Yelle perform "Je Veux Te Voir" live on MTV and then click here to find out what the song is actually about. (Hint: It's not Iraq!)