New Video: Jonas Brothers, 'Burnin' Up'

Time is money, people. And since we didn't feel like spending our weekend watching a James Bond DVD set (or waste our one and only Netflix rental on Miami Vice) we figured we'd save ourselves the effort by checking out the newest Jonas Brothers video instead.

"Burnin' Up," the first single off JB's third album, A Little Bit Longer, gives the Jo Bros -- whose new movie, Camp Rock, premiered this past Friday -- the opportunity to pay homage to Oceans 12 and dress up like The Karate Kid, all while doing an impressive Maroon 5 impression.

And that guy who clearly isn't a Jonas Bro? That's Big Rob, who was once Britney Spears' bodyguard. He's now gainfully employed as both the Jo Bros' bodyguard and the group's unofficial fourth member. Also of note -- Joe Jonas, rocking the Chris Martin-Gerard Way military man look!

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